Who Is Hassan Jameel?


Who Is Hassan Jameel?

Hassan Jameel: Hassan Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel is a Saudi businessman. He is Deputy President and Vice Chairman of Saudi Arabia operations of the family-owned international conglomerate business Abdul Latif Jameel, which, among numerous business operations, has distribution rights to Toyota vehicles in Saudi Arabia and other countries. He is also heavily involved in philanthropy work promoting health and safety and assisting job-seekers and those in need, in Saudi Arabia.

Rihanna has opened up for the first time about her relationship with handsome Saudi Arabian billionaire Hassan Jamal while talking to American Vogue’s Anna Wintour. In the November issue, the cover star tells the Editor-in-Chief, ‘Yeah, I’m dating. I’m actually in an exclusive relationship for quite some time, and it’s going really well, so I’m happy,’ before saying her dream wedding dress would be a collaboration with John Galliano. So, could wedding bells be on the cards? If so, who is the charming 30-year-old who has stolen her heart?

Who Is Hassan Jameel?

Rihanna Hassan Jameel

Believe it or not, it’s been nearly two years since Rihanna and her bae, Hassan Jameel, left the Internet shook with their poolside PDA. The duo has kept their romance low-key since then, but they’ve been spotted together around the world (from Spain to Boston, to Mexico) and even survived breakup rumors. After the couple made a recent sighting at a Lakers game, we’re rounding up everything to know about BadGal RiRi’s man.

When asked by Sarah who she was dating, the singer seemingly confirmed her romance with Jameel when she answered: ‘Google it.’

The actress then asked Rihanna whether she was in love, to which she responded: ‘Of course I am.’ That said, she’s in no rush to start planning a wedding.

‘The only god knows that girl,’ the singer told Paulson when quizzed about if she has plans on walking down the aisle. ‘We plan and God laughs, right?’

Hassan Jameel Net Worth

Hassan Jameel Net Worth

The singer and businesswoman, 31, stunned as she arrived at the Miyake Mugler Porcelain Ball in New York in an all-white outfit, though there was no sign of her other half on the night. RiRi went for a bodycon white strapless dress, miniature white bag and heels accessorized with diamond jewelry (naturally), as she stepped out at the Fenty Beauty sponsored event. The outing comes not long after the Savage by Fenty designer confessed how happy she is with her boyfriend in a recent interview with Vogue.

While she normally stays tight-lipped about her love life, Rihanna admitted: ‘Yeah, I’m dating. I’m actually in an exclusive relationship for quite some time, and it’s going really well, so I’m happy.’ When asked whether she wants children in her future, Rihanna replied: ‘Without a doubt.’ She also told Anna Wintour in a Q&A that she wasn’t putting a time on having a baby, explaining: ‘I don’t think about stuff like that but… God’s plan – but I look forward to all of the pregnancy rumors after this interview.’

Hassan Jameel Age

With a busy schedule dominating the beauty industry with her Fenty cosmetics brand, sending Savage x Fenty designs down the catwalk, reigning the pop charts for over a decade and collaborating with LVMH to launch a fashion label, it’s hard to believe Rihanna has any time for a relationship, let alone sleep.

But for two years, the 32-year-old Barbadian star has been quietly dating entrepreneur Hassan Jameel, much to the intrigue of her devoted fans. During their relationship, few images have been taken of the pair together (disregarding that initial internet-breaking photograph of them kissing in a swimming pool), despite their romantic getaways to the likes of Mexico and Spain.

With several rumored high-profile relationships over the years including those with Drake and Leonardo DiCaprio, fans have long been questioning who Hassan Jameel is and how did he and the ‘Umbrella’ singer meet?

Firstly, Jameel’s family is ranked as the 12th richest Arab family with a net worth of $1.5 billion, according to Forbes. His family owns Abdul Latif Jameel, a Toyota Motors distributor in Saudi Arabia and several other Middle Eastern countries and they also sponsor the Saudi Football League, suitably titled the Jameel League.

Hassan Jameel Rihanna

In August 2017, the duo attempted to sneak past paparazzi in London by hiding behind an umbrella while leaving a party. Months later, they reportedly celebrated Halloween together in Boston, where they were spotted out to dinner and bowling with friends. (For those wondering, Rih was dressed as Kylo Ren and Jameel as a penguin, witnesses told Us Weekly at the time.) Their romance continued into the new year, as they were seen at a Grammys after-party in New York City in January 2018.

And in June 2019, the couple brought their romance to Italy for a lavish vacation on the Amalfi Coast. The duo reportedly took a boat ride and had lunch with a group that appeared to be his family, ELLE reports.

In June 2018, MediaTakeOut News claimed that Rihanna and Hassan had called it quits because the singer “just got tired of him.” However, a month later, the couple was spotted out together in Mexico. Paparazzi photos from their trip abroad made it seem like they were fighting, leading fans to question whether their relationship was on rocky ground, but Rih appeared to clear up the alleged confrontation with a meme on Instagram—it turns out they were just arguing about soccer.

In November, a source clarified to Page Six that Rihanna is “still with her boyfriend” and is “very much smitten” with him. Although they’ve remained to keep their relationship low-key, the duo made a rare appearance at a Lakers game the day after Rihanna’s 31st birthday.

Hassan Jameel And Rihanna

Back in March, E! News posted the video of a reporter sharing her predictions that Rihanna, 31, is ready to walk down the aisle and start a family with Hassan. The presenter said: ‘Do I think Rihanna’s worthy of someone worth a billion dollars? Yes, I do. Is he worthy of her is the question that’s on everyone’s mind. ‘If I was a betting woman and I had to give my opinion on this, I would think that Rihanna’s going to go the long haul with this guy.’ She added: ‘I see engagement and possibly a baby with this guy. Not yet ‘cause she wants to smoke a cigarette once in a while but I definitely see engagement and then a baby in two years.

Jameel’s family owns Abdul Latif Jameel, a distribution company for Toyota Motors in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries, People reports. Hassan is currently the president of the company’s Community Jameel Saudi Arabia, a charity that organizes programs that focus on “the social, cultural, educational, and economic development of individuals and communities in the Middle East region and beyond,” according to its official website.

Hassan Jameel Wife

After her on-off relationship with Drake fizzled out in 2017, Rihanna was spotted with a new mystery beau in Spain. Internet sleuths soon deduced that it was none other than handsome Saudi Arabian businessman and billionaire, Hassan Jameel. The couple was next pictured trying to sneak out of celebrity hotspot Chiltern Firehouse (Rihanna artfully hid him behind her umbrella), before making a rare public appearance courtside at the Los Angeles Lakers in February. Most recently, they were photographed on holiday together in Italy.

His family is worth an estimated £1.6 billion
Hassan is the middle child of Saudi businessman Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel. The family is the fourth richest in the country according to Forbes, thanks in large part to a business set up by Jameel’s grandfather, which owns the distribution rights to Toyota vehicles in eight countries. Jameel is Deputy President and Vice Chairman of Saudi Arabia operations of the family-owned company.

His family has its own football league
The Jameel League has 14 teams playing in it in the family’s native Saudi Arabia.

Hassan lives in the UK now but grew up in Japan
He was educated in Japan, earning a BA degree in International Economics from Sophia University in Tokyo in 2001, before moving to London to complete an MBA from the London Business School. As such, he is fluent in Japanese and English, as well as Arabic. He now lives in London and was reportedly the reason that Rihanna decided to base herself here.

He’s a philanthropist
As well as his role in the family business, Jameel is also the president of Community Jameel, a charity that ‘creates jobs for men and women’ and ‘exposes Arab art and culture to the world’. As the website says, ‘We invest in training, job creation, and businesses aimed at helping communities transform themselves.’

He’s been married before
In 2012, Jameel married Sotheby’s art specialist Lina Lazaar at the Paris Opera House, but the couple divorced after just a few years of marriage. Lazaar is a Middle Eastern arts activist, founding Jeddah Art Week and Ibraaz, an online forum on Middle Eastern culture. Since then, he’s been linked to supermodel Naomi Campbell when the two were spotted at British Summertime Festival in 2016, before first being identified as Rihanna’s ‘mystery man’ in 2017.

Rihanna’s shied away from the spotlight to focus on their relationship
In a conversation with Interview Magazine, Rihanna told her Ocean’s 8 co-stars Sarah Paulson that she had taken a backseat from fame in order to spend time with her new boyfriend. ‘I got into a new relationship, and it matters to me,’ she said. ‘It was like, “I need to make time for this.” Just like I nurture my businesses, I need to nurture this as well. I’ll shut things down for two days, three days at a time.’